Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Nine bullet points on how Vamos Deploy automates the delivery of software

  • Vamos Deploy encapsulates an application with it's binaries, all it's dependant libraries and it's runtime configuration.

  • A capsule Vamos can be deployed to multiple hosts with a single command.

  • Multiple capsules can exist and function on the same host with no conflicts.

  • Each application has a promotional lifecycle. It passes through a series of testing tollgates on it's path to production.

  • A strong segregation of duties prevents dev teams from deploying to production.

  • Reduces handover effort between dev and ops. Dev teams configure what is going to be deployed and Ops take responsibility of the orchestration (or how it gets released).

  • No scripting is required just use the simple CLI.

  • Everything is audited, all data is visible, it can integrate with other systems and its easy to use.

  • Read more details and see our website.

Please get in contact if you are thinking of having painless software deployments.

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