Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What do you need to learn in order to use Vamos Deploy?

No Git knowledge is needed, no Ruby or Python knowledge is needed, no YAML knowledge is needed. No writing of modules is required. Anyone can learn to use Vamos Deploy in 15 mins.

At Vamos Deploy we don't think you should have to learn a new language to be able to deploy your applications. We think a deployment tool should be simple to use which makes it easy to learn. 

Creating great software is hard so give yourself a break and make your deployments as easy as possible.   

Vamos Deploy consists of: 
  • Vamos CLI which is designed for you to embed into your own scripts or simple call on the command line
  • Vamos Dashboard is a web based application to view data about applications that have been deployed via Vamos.
  • Vamos Jump which runs on clients desktops to facilitate the starting of your application UIs.

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